We are outsourcing with the most reliable, professional forex traders within the industry. Many of these professionals are trading personal accounts worth well over $1 million. These incredible traders agreed to work with us because there are virtually no additional demands on their part. We connect to their accounts by utilizing our automated trade copier which allows us to pass these signals on to our clients.

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Why You Should Choose Aswaq Today?

  • Aswaq Today is the leading pioneer in Forex, stocks and goods trading. We have a strong and very secure banking relationship with a variety of the very best money liquidity providers from banks to financial organizations, worldwide.
  • We provide a large number of price difference providers in a solid, immediate manner on a constant basis. This is a very important aspect due to Forex's constant changes in the markets.
  • By providing these price differences, we will ensure you have a greater level of security, instead of depending on only one price difference provider.

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